Advanced Dashboarding

This exercise is entirely freeform. Get into groups of 3-4 people and start building a dashboard, with everything you have learned in this tutorial. By the end of the exercise you should have a dashboard that:

  • Uses datashading to render the whole dataset
  • Builds a pipeline using the .apply method
  • Uses a widget to filter the data either by cross-filtering with a linked stream (e.g. a BoundsXY stream) or using a widget (e.g. a RangeSlider)
  • Uses a widget to control some aspect of the styling of the plot (e.g. to select a colormap, color, or size)
  • Is servable by running panel serve Advanced_Dashboarding.ipynb in the exercise directory
In [1]:
import colorcet as cc # noqa
import holoviews as hv # noqa
import numpy as np # noqa
import dask.dataframe as dd
import panel as pn
import xarray as xr

import hvplot.pandas # noqa: API import
import hvplot.xarray # noqa: API import