The HoloViz community

Some development efforts for HoloViz tools are done with corporate or government funding, but most of the documentation and community engagement is done on a volunteer basis. As the community of HoloViz users and developers continues to grow, we are trying to find sustainable ways of holding conversations, answering questions, and addressing issues. This page gives guidelines on the most effective methods for each type of interaction.

Have a question about how to use HoloViz tools? After the docs, your first stop should be StackOverflow for HoloViz or for older issues PyViz. Search for an existing answer to your question, or post a new one (and make sure you include the “holoviz” tag). StackOverflow is for usage questions:

  • How do I do X with holoviz tools?

  • Why am I seeing text rather than a plot?

Have you found an issue with a HoloViz tool? If you think something is missing or not behaving as expected, visit the Github issue tracker for the relevant project. HoloViz projects are currently hosted under the PyViz GitHub organization. GitHub is where bugs and enhancements are logged and discussed. Search for relevant existing issues to comment on, or submit your own (following these guidelines if at all possible). Use the GitHub issue tracker for:

  • Bug reports (like “The text gets cut off in a Panel object.”)

  • Documentation issues (like “I found this section unclear”)

  • Feature requests (like “I think that Colorcet should have a jet colormap”)

Do you have a quick, specific issue that likely has an immediate solution? You can chat with other users on the PyViz Gitter channel. Use gitter for quick feedback while you are working on a task:

  • I’m having trouble setting up the development environment.

  • I messed up my git branches, can someone take a look?

  • Does anyone know how to make this behavior change?

Have you gotten your question answered? If you use any of these mechanisms to interact with HoloViz developers and find that we answered your question, or even if you just looked for a long time and finally discovered a solution, there is one important thing you can do to help out the community: Please consider making a PR to the docs, examples, or FAQ for that project with that information, so that a future user won’t get stuck in the same way.

And please tweet at us (@holoviews, @datashader, @holoviz_org) often to show off what you are making with HoloViz tools and help spread the word!