The HoloViz community#

The HoloViz developers pledge to act in ways that contribute to an open, welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and healthy community. Please read more about this pledge in our code of conduct.

Some of the development on HoloViz projects is funded, but a lot is done on a volunteer basis - especially documentation and community engagement. As the HoloViz community of users and contributors grows, we try to find sustainable ways of welcoming new members, holding conversations, answering questions, and addressing issues. This page provides guidelines for different types of community interaction.

Usage questions and discussions happen in the HoloViz Discourse forum. This forum is also a good place to showcase your HoloViz work and ask for feedback. Usage questions may also be directed to StackOverflow (using the #HoloViz tag).

Bug reports, feature requests, and documentation issues go in the appropriate project’s GitHub issue tracker. HoloViz projects are hosted under the HoloViz GitHub organization. For issues relating to this website, use the HoloViz/HoloViz GitHub issue tracker. Please follow these guidelines for minimal bug reports, when possible.

Social media tagging is highly encouraged and appreciated when promoting HoloViz and your work. Please use the #HoloViz tag, as well as the relevant HoloViz project tags (e.g. #Panel or #hvPlot). Additionally, you can follow us on Twitter at the following accounts: @HoloViz_org, @HoloViews, @Datashader, and @Panel_org.

Real-time chat for contributors occurs on our Discord channel. This platform is good for quick and simple questions or comments. Please note the HoloViz Discourse forum is a better place for persisting and openly sharing code samples and solutions.

Developer meetings are shown in the calendar widget below.

  • General HoloViz meeting: This occurs biweekly and is the best option for new members to join.

  • Issue Triaging meeting: This occurs weekly. It starts with some quick coordination and then splits off to triage project issues, so please join at the beginning.

  • Docs meeting: This occurs biweekly and is focused on anything related to the documentation.

Meeting notes are available on

You can subscribe to this calendar to be notified of changes:

Have you gotten your question answered? If your problem was resolved, please ensure that the problem and solution are publicly documented so that the community can benefit.