Custom Interactivity#

Using hvPlot allows you to generate a number of different types of plot quickly from a standard API by building HoloViews objects, as discussed in the previous notebook. These objects are rendered with Bokeh which offers a number of standard ways to interact with your plot, such as panning and zooming tools.

Many other modes of interactivity are possible when building an exploratory visualization (such as a dashboard) and these forms of interactivity cannot be achieved using hvPlot alone.

In this notebook, we will drop down to the HoloViews level of representation to build a visualization directly that consists of linked plots that update when you interactivily select a particular earthquake with the mouse. The goal is to show how more sophisticated forms of interactivity can be built when needed, in a way that’s fully compatible with all the examples shown in earlier sections.

First let us load our initial imports:

import pathlib
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import hvplot.pandas  # noqa
from holoviews.element import tiles